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The Hailey Hugs Team



October 9, 2009 - August 26, 2011

Hailey Hallam was born on October 9, 2009. She was an active and inquisitive child even from the moment she was born. The very day she was born, Hailey was lifting her head off her mother's shoulder, trying to look at the world around her. As she grew, so did her inquisitive and active nature. By the time she was 22-months old, she was often too busy to stop to give her mother a hug. Instead, she would grasp her hands to her chest, squeeze tightly and point to the air. And, thus, A Hug Through the Air was born. Hailey went to rest in the arms of Jesus when she was just 22 months old. But her story (and her hugs) live on in the children's book, A Hug Through the Air. Hailey's story is one that tells of a connection that transcends Heaven and Earth and gives us hope at the time we feel the most hopeless. It tells us how we remain connected even in death and shows us that there is an opportunity to reunite again one day soon.

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Illustrator, A Hug Through the Air

Kacey Francis is the illustrator of A Hug Through the Air, which is his first illustrated children’s book. As a child, Francis loved to draw and even attended extracurricular art classes in Youngstown, Ohio. As he grew, his love of art did as well. He worked on numerous school projects and even wrote comic books in his spare time. After graduating from East Liverpool High School in 1997, Francis went on to Kent State University where he was an art education major. His art skills have grown in popularity locally and he contracts his work on the side. He illustrated a textbook for morticians and is currently working on the Zoey Likes to Ask Questions Series, by David "Poppy" Roper. Francis is also working on a new children's book in the Hailey Hugs Series entitled A Christmas to Remember. While he likes all forms of art, his favorite style centers around a comic book theme. Kacey married Jennifer (Hallam) Francis in July 2014. They live together in East Liverpool, OH with their three children, Christian, Emma, and Lauren Francis.

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Author, A Hug Through the Air

Jennifer (Hallam) Francis is the mother of Hailey Hallam and author of A Hug Through the Air, which she wrote in memory of her daughter. A Hug Through the Air tells the story of a connection between a family that transcends Heaven and Earth. The book has brought comfort to grieving families around the nation. Francis was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and is a graduate of East Liverpool High School. She graduated Mount Union College in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Media Studies. She started her career as a newspaper journalist in East Liverpool and also worked in Butler County, Pennsylvania. In 2011, following her daughter's death, she asked her longtime friend, Kacey Francis, to illustrate A Hug Through the Air. The two married in 2014 and live in East Liverpool, Ohio. Francis runs the Hailey Hugs Initiative which donates Hailey Hugs Bundles to grieving families. She is the personality for Todd Sparkle Market, a four store grocery chain in Ohio and West Virginia. Francis  lives in East Liverpool with her husband and their three children, Christian, Emma and Lauren. Jennifer is an Avon Representative Online and is ranked #1 in the nation for helping people sell Avon Online . She is also a top seller, helping her customers shop the Avon Catalog Online Jennifer is the owner of Timeless Beauty Life.

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Warren Christian Apologetics Center is the publisher of A Hug Through the Air. WCAC is a non-profit, informational theistic center that exists for the purpose of affirming and defending the Christian worldview while aiming to challenge the growing global influence of atheistic thought. WCAC is an intensive effort to produce, publish, and propagate sound, scholarly material that affirms and defends the existence of God, the divine origin of the Bible, and the deity of Jesus Christ. WCAC also publishes the children's apologetics series Zoey Likes to Ask Questions, which is written by David "Poppy" Roper.

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