Hailey's Hugs

Jennifer Hallam

Author and Speaker



Jennifer Hallam is the author of A Hug Through the Air, which she wrote following the death of her 22 month old daughter, Hailey. On August 26, 2011, Hallam was involved in a fatal car accident that killed Hailey and her husband, Troy.


Prior to her family's death, Hallam was a stay-at-home Mom and wife, working with her husband to build their construction business, Hallam Contracting. On the side, she worked as the vocal personality for Todd Sparkle Market, a four-store grocery store chain in Ohio and West Virginia.

Following the accident, Hallam struggled finding her place in a new life without her family. She decided to write A Hug Through the Air hoping to help other families who might be dealing some devastating loss in their lives.




She developed the story from Hailey's desire to give hugs through the air, which she gave whenever she was too busy playing to come give her mother a hug.


"I found something that would get me through each day and I wanted to share it with others," Hallam said. "Knowing that my family was still there gave me comfort, even if I couldn't see them."


Hallam hopes to continue to help and encourage other families coping with loss through her book and through other speaking engagements.


Currently Hallam is the vocal and television personality for Todd Sparkle Market in East Liverpool. She also operates a marketing business that specializes in basic website and graphic design. She has done other voice work for companies around the country.


Hallam can be reached via email at jennifer@haileyhugs.com.

Follow her on facebook - www.facebook.com/jennifer.hallam.73

Follow the progress of A Hug Through the Air at www.facebook.com/ahugthroughtheair.