Hailey's Hugs
Hailey Marie Hallam October 9, 2009 - August 26, 2011

Hailey Hallam came into the world quietly on October 9, 2009. Independent from the start, she spent her first seconds in the world looking around, just taking it all in. No one knew that a person so small could make such monumental changes in so many lives.


As she grew, Hailey maintained an unlikely independence and strength. Like her father, she was old for her age, surpassing milestones earlier than was expected by professionals. She had a natural confidence in herself and in her abilities and was able to learn quickly. At just 22 months she could already recognize her own written name.


Not happy unless she was busy, Hailey was eager to get moving. She was delighted at four months when she could sit up and play independently. At 7 months she learned to crawl only as means to go find something to pull up on and she began walking independently at just 9 months old.


 Nothing was ever dull when Hailey was around. Constantly moving, she was always busy doing something - whether it be "cleaning", "folding laundry", "or organizing the can cabinet."


But one of her favorite things was music. But not just any kind of music - usually dance music. When she was just a newborn, one of the only ways to get her to sleep was to blast "Rock Your Body" by the Black Eyed Peas. When she got old enough, she started to dance. At just 8 months old she was already dancing to her favorite song, "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.


Hailey had a way with people. She was so excited every time she saw children. And she had a way of making everyone in the room feel special. Ornery to the core, she was a prankster. She loved to laugh and play jokes. She had a charisma that could pull even the most serious adults into her silly games.

She touched the lives of everyone who knew her. I never could have imagined the monumental way she changed my life - and I'm a better person having had the pleasure to call myself her mother.


-Jennifer Hallam, Author, A Hug Through the Air